16.2. Migrating/upgrading project

When a new version of IntegraXor is installed, the system files in the previously created project will not be automatically updated. User shall first backup the existing project before migration and then simply create a new project based on newly installed IntegraXor. And then copy the whole system folder from new project to existing project. It's best to replace also index.html, alarm.htm and user.htm from new project to existing project. In some cases, user may also need to replace plot.htm.

Starting from version 4, system files have been embeded into server so system folder no longer need to be placed within every project folder. IntegraXor will automatically use the latest built-in system folder within itself. This will simplify the project upgrade process.

Starting from version 4.1, script task with ActiveX disabled will be case sensitive for internal functions call. So setTag() cannot be written as settag(), and getTag() cannot be written as gettag().