16.1. Backing up project

Backing up IntegraXor project is as simple as copying the project folder. For ease of file management, compressing the folder into one file would be preferred. Very often compressing using 7-Zip will yield much smaller file size, and using 7-Zip for decompressing can be done even if the file type is not properly named in common file formats like 7z or zip. For instance 7-Zip can decompress files even when their extensions are renamed to 7z_ or zip_ for the purpose of bypassing mail server.

It's pretty common for a project to be compressed and send as email attachment. However it's not quite possible if the project contain any *.exe or *.js files as it may be blocked by many types of mail server. The best practice is to add a trailing underscore to the extension of the existing file so that the recipient would know the original file type when needed. For instance, project.zip shall be renamed to project.zip_. Likewise, the email recipient shall remove the underscore upon receiving the attachment.

Removing unused *.mdb file shall further reduce the filesize.