Conventional Activation

You may continue to activate the project by going through conventional activation method, which is by sending license request file (*.ilr) to your local sales agent or distributor, or directly to [email protected]. The software vendor shall return a license authorization file (*.ila) to you based on the project and hardware configuration of that particular machine. User may request for another license authorization file if migration of hardware is needed or upon encountering hardware failure.

However, you are not encouraged to use conventional activation method, as it takes longer time to process, and possibly involve adminitrative charges. We also gradually phasing out the conventional activation method in favour of online activation.

If you activate the project by going through conventional method, then the Contact email is especially crucial. By using conventional activation method, the license authorization file (*.ila) will be sent to the email address provided in Contact email field. Any future upgrade or changes will still be based on this email address or at least another user name based on the similar web domain name, as such you should avoid using email address with public email domain, just as @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc.

However, the above mentioned restriction does not apply if you activate the project using online activation, or using license authorization file (*.ila) created from online activation.