2.4. System Architecture

IntegraXor project is file oriented and stored in a project folder, including the back-end configuration file (*.igx) and all other HTML & SVG pages. The project can be run by simply double clicking the configuration file (*.igx), and can be configured by right clicking then select 'Edit'. Other than *.igx which is the main configuration file for back-end, dblog.mdb is the default MS Access back-end database file for light weight application. The rest of the files are mainly HTML, SVG graphics & scripting files which are meant for front-end.

Besides the project root folder, there are several sub folders for better file management. "scripts" for scripting files, "images" for jpg, gif or png raster based images and "styles" for CSS style control. A "system" folder may be present in the project root folder and is completely reserved for front-end engine and shall not be tampered. Just like ordinary web folder, additional folder can be created without restriction. Once the IntegraXor server is running from a project folder, all files can be accessed as if the project folder is a web root folder.

Network architecture on client access via Internet browser.

IntegraXor is designed to listen to port number 7131, this default port number is changeable via Web Server Task . A good example to access a web page shall be typing an address link like this: "http://localhost:7131/projectID/", where the "projectID" shall be defined within the Project Editor. For remote access, the URL at remote client shall have the "localhost" replaced with the IP address that the IntegraXor is installed. For instance, if IntegraXor is installed at a system with IP address of then the remote client shall have the URL entered as "".

A sample project with its URL address.

[Tip] Tip

The project folder can be moved around without restriction. And Shortcut to *.igx can be placed into Startup Menu to launch the project automatically upon system restart.