9.9. Slider Animation

Slider animation is an animation that allows user to set value for tags by dragging an object in a straight line, similar to analogue switches.

Slider Animation

To create a slider, user is required to enter the tag to be attached, and the minimum and maximum value of the tag. Check "read-only" checkbox if the slider is only for display purpose, eg, a thermometer. Then, create a clone of the object by clicking Edit > Clone > Create Clone, or simply short cut ALT+D. A clone will be created on top of the object. User is then required to move this clone to a position, where the destination of this clone object will behave as the end position of the slider, and the original object's position will be the beginning position of the slider.

During runtime, the slider object will move along its original position and the destination position in straight line, and distance between the two end will be percentage of maximum and minimum value of the tag. If "read-only" is not checked, user will be able to click and drag the object to set value into the tag.