9.12. Pop up Animation

Pop up animation allow user to pop up a window within the browser, with content of user-defined htm (or html) page.

Pop up Animation

Screenshot above is an example to add pop up animation. Source is a mandatory input, to refer which htm (or html) page the pop up will show. Other inputs are dimension of pop up and similar to Open animation as described above.

Some situations require user to pass parameters into pop up windows. User is allowed to enter parameters in Source column after the htm (or html) file followed by a question mark (?). For instance, the following line is valid to open up a file called 'popup.htm' and pass in a parameter called 'string' with the value of 'helloworld':


In above example, user will receive a full URL address in popup.htm. Therefore, any information behind the question mark (?) can be further processed as received parameters by using javascript.