10.1.1. Report Archive

The report archive is where user can add in each report to be used in the system. It can be accessed by expanding on Report and clicking on Archive in Project Editor. User can furnish the following details for each report with the bolded text(blue text in Project Editor) indicating mandatory field.


The name of the report. Report server will create a table with the same name to store the report.


The description of the report.


Type of report. There are 2 types to choose from, either snapshot report or statement report.


The HTML source file for the report.

Triggered By

Specify how the batch operation for the report is triggered. User can choose the trigger to either be a tag or timer.


Specify the tag name or the timer name that will trigger the batch operation.

Output Triggered By

Specify how the output is triggered.

Output Trigger

Specify the tag name or the timer name that will trigger the output.

Output To

Specify the output type. Three options are available which are Email, File and Printer. User can choose either one, either two, or all three output.

Purge Freq.

Define how frequent old data are purged from the database. The options are based off the timer.

Retain Type

Define whether old data are purged based on number of days or number of records. Data are purged on a FIFO (First In First Out) basis.

Retain Count

Define how long or how many records the database shall keep.

User can optionally specify output settings as seen from the table above. This will send a report to the specified output according to the trigger. This output is independent of the batch trigger setting. Aside from the settings listed in the table above for report archiving, there are two more settings related to logging that can be found to the right of the report archive setting in the Project Editor. These two settings are used by statement type report to specify the interval.

Log Triggered By

Specify how the logging is triggered

Log Trigger

Specify the tag name or the timer name that will trigger the logging.