10.2.3. Archiving Report

The third and final step is to specify the time of report generation. Assuming this sample is to generate a daily production report at 6am. Then all data shall be calculated by 6am for use. If there's a server script for this process, then it shall be triggered by a timer at 6am. In this sample, the tags for 'part_a', 'part_b', 'part_c', 'part_d' and 'part_e' shall have its data furnished by 6am.

Auto archiving shall be done with slight delay after the calculation triggering time. Depending on the external factor like communication delay or time synchronization problem between PC and devices, the optimum delay can varies from few seconds to 5 minutes, or even more for extreme scenario. In this sample we assume the data would be ready at most in 5 seconds, so we can create a timer at 06:00:05, and trigger the report above daily.

Report archiving configuration

User can refer to Report Server for explanation on configuring the report archive. In snapshot report, the report server will capture tag values and store into database after report generation is triggered either by tag or timer. Batch event can be configured at right property panel after the type of the report is selected.

Opening report archive

[Note] Note

For any project that uses existing or previously created database, be aware that text entered in Name will be used as the table of report database. Engineer should avoid using duplicate table name if existing database already contains other tables.