8.2. Auto Startup

The Auto Startup is used to create a Kioskit shortcut in the Startup folder. In the Startup folder, a user can place the shortcut to the program that he or she would like it to run automatically when the computer boots.

Kioskit startup dialog box

Users do not have to perform this step manually. After the URL is entered, the user only needs to click on the "Auto Startup" button. Similar to clicking the "Manual Start" button, the web page will be displayed in full screen. The only difference is that a Kioskit shortcut has been created in the Startup folder. Each time the computer is started up, Kioskit will start up automatically and display the URL specified by the user.

The user can easily change the startup page by entering a new URL in the Kioskit startup dialog box and clicking on the "Auto Startup" button. When the computer starts up the next time, Kioskit will load the new page in full screen automatically.

If the user decides to remove the shortcut in the Startup folder, he or she can start Kioskit and click on the "Manual Start" button. The user need not enter any web address in the text entry box before clicking on the "Manual Start" button to remove the shortcut in the Startup folder. After the "Manual Start" button is clicked, the shortcut will be removed from the Startup folder. The user can also delete the shortcut manually.