17.2. Project Editor

Copy & paste by row

Copy one or more rows for pasting requires user to highlight the targeted row in full before pasting, but not on the individual cell. Otherwise the content will not match to the original column. Workaround for this fool proof issue is to always right click on the row number before pasting.

Text Editor

Text editor will have cosmetic error with Windows EOL format which has dual indicator, i.e. CR & LF. First known issue is user need to press Delete/Backspace twice when removing line break. Second known issue is Find-All will have wrong indication of line number. The workaround is to convert EOL into Unix/OXS format. For Notepad++ user could find this command at Menu\Edit\EOL conversion .

HTML Editor

Clicking buttons at the bottom for Select Tag/Content in HTML/Text editor will not yield any practicle outcome. For workaround, use mouse to manually highlight in order to select. (3.72.4230.1)

Undo changes

Current version of Project Editor does not support undo for changes. Please save the working project as frequent as possible, so user could discard the undesired changes by closing the current pane (Ctrl+F4 /Ctrl+W).

Upgrade from old manual menu

Upgrading old projects that has no menu.js in project directory will trigger a pop up "Error running menu.js, please check again your script.", user must manually copy a menu.js from any template into the old project in order to proceed.