2.2.2. Hardware Requirement

 Server and desktop system deployment

IntegraXor SCADA server has been designed with efficiency in mind, as such any current basic hardware can be chosen to run the server. The following 10 years old computer specification has been set as the minimal requirement to run a project with 1024 tags with 5 remote concurrent connections.


Minimum Requirement in XPSP3


Intel © Core ™ 2 @ 1.66GHz

Disk Space

~25MB for Runtime +

~200MB for Development


3 GB

 Embedded system deployment

For embedded system deployment, Intel NUC and most Intel x86 based OEM borad are OK. Most industrial touch panel can be used too. just install the supported OS (XP Home SP2 and above), then install IntegraXor.

You may deploy using branded industrial touch panel. However, brand is not important, the most important is the touch panel has the neccessary ports for you to connect to the devices. Usually Ethernet port for TCP based device. Serial port support is difficult to find for most touch panel, so USB port and a good USB-serial adapter is needed if you want to connect to serial devices.