2.1. Support

A lot of efforts have been put to ensure IntegraXor development tools are user-friendly and robust yet flexible. For additional support or questions, the following options are available.

Remember to furnish the IntegraXor version and also browser name and version while contacting our support member. Then tell your *expectation* & *steps* involved in producing your problem. Avoid using ambiguous term like "it doesn't work", "it's unpredictable".

IntegraXor version can be seen at the bottom left of the IntegraXor server window

It's even better to compress the project folder and attach together with the question if there's no confidential issue. Otherwise a new small project should be reproduced to demontrate the problem to the support member. However, the project folder contains JavaScript or VBScript file which will be blocked by mail server. As such a trailing underscore need to be added to bypass the mail server's extension check. For instance, the compressed file *.zip, *.cab, *.7z etc can be renamed to *.zip_, *.cab_, *.7z_ respectively.

A picture means a thousand words, it's always good to attach a screenshot of the problem so the support personnel could understand and identify the root of the problem easily and response faster.

Do not mix old problem with the new one. Always start a new mail for new issue with a descriptive title, most importantly write the new mail to general support email address but not the previous support personnel who wrote to you. This shall ensure faster response as whoever available will reply to you first.

[Tip] Tip

Pressing F1 twice will copy the version string into clipboard so you can paste straight into your mail content to support.