7.7.1. Audit

Audit, also known as event logging, it has almost features that Alarm has, but no interation needed. To enable audit mode, change the JSON configuration mode from alarm to audit as below:

        var opt = {
            "mode": "audit",
            "row-per-page": 30,
            "column": {
                "time_stamp": true,
                "tag_name": false,
                "group_name": true,
                "description": false,
                "message": true,
                "nvalue": true,
                "old_nvalue": true,
                "inactive_timestamp": true,
                "ack_timestamp": true,
                "ack_user": false

Audit mode has real time and historical mode as well. In real time mode, all events will be shown on screen with detail of their last activity. In historical mode, it will show all the past activities in selected date.