Ecava IGX helps in reducing project cost for oil sampling system integration

It is no news that the global economy is not doing us much favor lately. Which is why basically everyone is watching their budget tightly to avoid spending any extra on your project. We can assure you that by using Ecava IGX SCADA, you get to reduce your cost and save the project budget to the optimum level.

The fact that Ecava IGX is the low cost SCADA with high capability is once again proven by one of the recent success cases in year 2016. The story begins when Petronas had purchased an oil sampling computer system that costs them MYR78k, which is equivalent to approximately $17.5k. They were then quoted with MYR20k for 2 days site survey to integrate the computer system with existing oil sampling mechanism.

Apparently, this system and services have been exaggerated and overpriced. In fact, it can be achieved quickly with much lower price by using Ecava IGX. Which was one of the reasons why Petronas has chosen Ecava to handle the jobs.

Ecava IGX SCADA Petronas oil sampling system integration oil platform
Engineers getting ready for daily work on Semarang platform.

So, how exactly can the client save their project budget by using Ecava IGX? Instead of the sky high price, what was counter proposed by Ecava is a 64 I/O for both Modbus Master and Slave, together with a report module. Besides that, 2 remote browsers connections were added to enhance the remote monitoring capability. The software price is less than $1k to do the job.

Also assuming $2.5k from $17.5k is the cost of computer hardware. Then the software cost will be $15k, using Ecava IGX had managed to help them saved 15 times cheaper.

Ecava IGX SCADA system integration with Petronas oil sampling system
Engineer presenting on how Ecava IGX SCADA integrates with the existing oil sampling mechanism.

Of course, there is still manday required for site commissioning, but it is only very much less compared to the time needed for traditional system to do site survey. Assuming if the time needed for site commissioning and site survey are the same for traditional system. Then you can be assured that using Ecava IGX can speed up the site work at least by half, not to mention the commissioning cost will be reduced by half as well.

Have a look at Ecava IGX SCADA online web demo for different industries or download your free copy now to get started.

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