What is Water & Wastewater Management?

Wastewater is water that no longer needed or suitable for its most recent use. While wastewater treatment is a process of removing contaminants from wastewater, and convert it into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle or reused. Wastewater treatment has been greatly practiced worldwide, in order to cope with the growing rate water consumption everyday.

How does SCADA help in water and wastewater management?

SCADA system allows your wastewater treatment plants to be automated, as well as manage and organize your operation data automatically. Simply run the usual processes, but do it easier with SCADA by just interacting with HMI screens. Monitor your plants’ status, progress, parameter readings, alarms, events via screens without paying visits to the plants repeatedly. Besides, select any essential set of parameters and have the SCADA system to plot them into graph trends for you. Spare even more time to get your reports generated by SCADA, even printing them out automatically based on your required schedule.

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scada water wastewater management

Ecava IGX SCADA in Water & Wastewater Management

Let Ecava IGX take care of your wastewater plant


Ecava IGX is a web SCADA, that allows you to use access your operation easily on any web browser you preferred. Enable Internet Gateway feature to further plug your web SCADA to the cloud, for the ease of aceesing your plant remotely everywhere!

Plant Integration

With Ecava IGX, you can monitor the wastewater treatment flow’s condition via HMI (Human Machine Interface), as well as perform superior controls to the plant. This allows operators to achieve routine jobs remotely without needing to enter the treatment plant.

Alarming & Reporting

Ecava IGX’s alarm annunciation allows you to monitor any irregularity on screen, and get notified instantly for your prioritized events. Report module will tabulate your selected real time data into required format, which can be printed in papers or generated in softcopies.

Data Logging

Ecava IGX SCADA ensures your real-time parameters and data observed from treatment plants get to logged into database automatically. Have all the freedom to decide which field parameter(s) to be logged, or which data to be recorded at what frequency.

Data management

With Ecava IGX, your selected parameters for logging will be plotted and displayed as graphs or charts, which serves as a helpful tool to analyze and trace your plants’ activities. Get your data managed systematically for easier evaluation in reviews.


Using Ecava IGX grants you more security. Other than user and authorization for different roles’ access, it also protects your data by using SSL encryption and HTTPS secure connection. For easier remote access, plug your project into cloud without worry about security flaws.

Proven Solutions

  • Sungai Udang Centralized Sewage Treatment Plant [Melaka, Malaysia]
  • Mukim Cheras Sewage Treatment Plant [Selangor, Malaysia]
  • Kuala Sawah Sewage Treatment Plant [Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia]
  • Taman Pandan Perdana Sewage Treatment Plant [Selangor, Malaysia]
  • Kelana Jaya Sewage Treatment Plant [Selangor, Malaysia]
  • Sierra Delima Sewage Treatment Plant [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
  • Southville Sewage Treatment Plant [Selangor, Malaysia]
  • Tropicana Aman Sewage Treatment Plant [Selangor, Malaysia]
ecava IGX scada water wastewater treatment project screenshot