SCADA License

Your SCADA can be licensed using software keys, so you can install the SCADA system anywhere locally or remotely in the cloud. Also, you can save your licensing cost as there’s no dongle cost and no delivery fee involved. Best of all, when you need to upgrade your project with more IO or additional modules, you may top-up to size-up your license. This means you only need to buy as little as you need for the current project requirement.

Licensing is based on one project at one particular machine, so that you can run multiple projects on one machine to save cost on cloud VM or maintaining physical machine.

To start configuring your project IO sizing and required module, you need to visit SCADA online store to select your required driver with associated IO size and modules. In case you need somebody else to pay the license online, you may share your online cart by copying the URL and forward to the relevant personnel. And if you would like to pay via bank transfer, you can proceed to generate Proforma Invoice for accounting purposes. Remember to notify billing department after you have clear the payment. Alternatively, you may request your sales support to purchase and obtain the product keys for you.

Product Keys

License Product Keys are pretty common in software licensing whereby they just consist of alphanumeric characters and not in file format. They will be generated upon payment and each driver and each module will have its own unique product key. You shall receive this product key(s) along with your invoice, and you must keep your invoice number and product keys safely.

Moreover, you should keep a record of product keys that already assigned to a specific project. They cannot be reassigned to another project, and you will need to know which product keys are assigned to one particular project in the case that the hardware has failed and you need to redo the authorization.

Product Keys can only be used for online activation. And you don’t need to care about License Request and License Authorization file if you only need to perform online activation. In case you prefer to use a legacy version of IGX that has no online activation, you can still install latest version 8.0.123 or above in your office machine as your license generator with product keys for self-managing ILR and ILA files below.

License Request (*.ilr) file

License Request file is a file generated from a project on a targeted machine, it has no license information but just a carrier for the end user information and the machine hardware ID. You cannot use this file to authorize anything but just to make a license request for offline activation.

License Authorization (*.ila) file

License Authorization file is a file generated based on ILR file using Product Keys in Online Activation so that you can use it to authorize a project on an offline machine. However, this file is also a carrier, it will not authorize any project (even you place inside the project folder) until you perform the offline activation process.
Licensed Status

Users are advised to store the offline activation files *.ilr & *.ila files into project folder as a backup for future easy access, however, putting the files into the folder itself has no effect on authorization, because the License will only be activated and saved into project file upon authorization process. Further, once a project is authorized, you must start to maintain that licensed project copy even on another machine, so that you can get back the licensed status when you copy the project work back to the machine again.

License Registration

License Manager allows you to register new end-user information, view previously registered information, and fetch previously authorized licensed. It is a versatile utility for you to manage your SCADA license, not only for your current project, but also for external project that is located in a machine that has got no Internet connection or no product keys for online activation (using *.ILR file), as well as previously authorized project (using *.ILA file).

Current Project

Upon initialization, no file path is specified, the License Manager will assume you are managing the currently opened project. Whereby if the license hasn’t authorized, you may view, fill up or edit the end user information for new authorization. You may click the ‘Save’ button to generate a new ILR file for backup or external license request.

Upon switching or closing registration page after a new ILR file is generated, and if your machine does not have an Internet connection, you will be prompted with the following message: “Please copy your ILR file to a machine with an Internet connection to generate ILA file.”
On the other hand, if the license has been authorized, be aware that end user information cannot be changed and will be associated with the invoice number and product keys. So you may only view registered end user information.

Other Project

If you browse for any previously saved ILR file from anywhere, then you will be managing the license for external project regardless created locally or remotely. You can then apply your product keys to the opened ILR file for generating an ILA file. You cannot edit the end user information for external project, so all fields and the Save button will be disabled, and you can only go to Activate Project for online authorization using Product Keys. This also means you cannot use another ILA file generated from anywhere to authorize this external ILR file. So you need to ensure you have Internet connection for online activation, or otherwise, if you proceed to Activation, you shall see all fields are disabled and may be prompted with the following message: Please connect your machine to the Internet, or otherwise copy your ILR file to another machine with Internet connection for online activation.

If you proceed further to view the license of an ILR file, you shall see no information and may be prompted with “Please select the current or previous project for viewing”.

License Activation

What you can do for License Activation in details is depending on what you have selected in License Registration. Generally, you may have two sources of license authorization, online activation using product keys, or offline activation using an ILA file that generated from another online machine.

If you haven’t authorized the selected project then you may paste product keys for online activation, or otherwise use ILA file for offline activation. If the selected project has been authorized, you may paste more product keys to upgrade or accumulate licensed item using ILA file.

If your machine has no Internet connection, the Online Activation field will be disabled.
When you click on Activate, you will be applying any entered authorization into the selected project. And then you may click Save to generate a new ILA file, which may be exactly the same as the ILA file you obtained elsewhere if you haven’t had accumulative authorization.

Current Project

Activating current project means you are authorizing the currently opened project on this very particular machine. You may choose Online Activation if you have the product keys, or otherwise use Offline Activation if you have got ILA file generated from another machine or received from elsewhere. Click on Activate and you are done in the entire authorization process.

Note that if you have got this current project authorized, you can still size up or adding more modules into the current project which is already licensed.

Other Project

You can only activate other projects if your current machine has Internet connection and you also got the Product Keys with you. Click on Activate will apply the Product Keys based on the License Request (*.ilr) file and a new License Authorization (*.ila) file will be generated for you to copy back to the offline machine for offline activation.

License Viewing

This is your license summary page. The Delete button is for you to remove licensed status from the project, so you may either proceed for machine migration, or use the current project as a template for the new project, or any other maintenance purpose. Clicking delete will prompt you with “Are you sure?” alert, as the removal cannot be undone.


Here are some examples of scenario which the usage flow is explained accordingly. It’s assumed that you have the product keys with you. You need to understand at least the fundamental online activation or offline activation.

Online Activation

Site machine that needs to be authorized has Internet connection

  1. Open site machine, then launch License Manager.
  2. Open Registration then select Current Project.
  3. Register end user information then go to Activate.
  4. Copy and paste any required Product Keys and activate the current project.
  5. View License to check that License is successfully authorized at site machine.

Offline Activation

Site machine that needs to be authorized but has no Internet Connection

  1. Open site machine, then launch License Manager.
  2. Open Registration then select Current Project.
  3. Register end user information then save the License Request file (*.ILR).
  4. Copy the License Request file (*.ILR) file to office machine/laptop that has Internet connection.
  5. Open License Manager on online office machine.
  6. Open Registration then selects Other Project.
  7. Browse for the License Request file (*.ILR) that you generated from offline site machine.
  8. Observe that previously entered information is displayed.
  9. Go to next step to Activate License.
  10. Copy and paste any required Product Keys for activation.
  11. Once successfully activated, you may generate the License Authorization file (*.ILA).
  12. Copy the License Authorization file back to offline site machine.
  13. Open License Manager > Activate License.
  14. Browse for the returned License Authorization file (*.ILA).
  15. Click Activate to authorize the project at an offline machine.
  16. View License to check that License is successfully authorized at site machine.

Size up

Site machine needs to upgrade with more product keys.

  1. Open the licensed project and select the current project in the Registration page.
  2. Proceed to Activation page, paste all of your old and new product keys to activate.
  3. View License to check if new features are added onto old features.

Migrate license

  1. Perform online or offline activation on a new machine.
  2. If the old machine still available, delete the old licensed project from License Summary page.

Removal of one or more keys.

  1. Remove the entire license from the project.
  2. Redo Activation on the required keys.


If you need help on licensing, please submit your help request together with your Product Keys, or otherwise the invoice number(s). In any case that you can’t locate any of them, you may check out your project folder and submit any *.ILA file found.