Thin Client Connection for Browser Lite

IGX is a pure web SCADA that built in with native web server that supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It’s very lightweight and there’s no additional IIS or cumbersome yet separated web server needed. The crisp and clear display of its surreal SVG web content is fast, secure and reliable with its lean and light architecture design.

Unlike traditional SCADA that converting raster image to stream through the heavy content over the web using old or proprietary technique like ActiveX or Java Applet plugin, some uses Silverlight that not compliant to W3C standard. All these workarounds have its constraints and limitations that not only slow but unable to work across the open platform. You don’t have to worry about ever evolving web technology by using IGX Web SCADA.

By default, the local connection for local IP is already provided, this mean user only need to add connection for remote client access using browser.

In any case that you wish to use the server or remote workstation is always run in fullscreen, you can easily install Thick Client for Kioskit to ensure the system is dedicated for SCADA mimic only.