Cluster Module

Cluster module allows you to massively scale and distribute your SCADA installation over large network or geographical area. You may use cluster as I/O gateway, or isolate database related tasks like historian, alarm or report to another machine to break any bottleneck. You may also duplicate any module as many as you like to achieve partial or complete redundancy. Cluster module also facilitate project extension or delegation without interrupting existing configuration.

Benefits Summary
  1. You may configure IGX as distributed I/O Gateway for large geo locations and better efficiency.
  2. You may offload any heavy task in your project like DB logging dedicated to separate machines.
  3. Two machines can work as redundancy topology to ensure higher availability.
  4. You may split your large scale project into several sections for separate development and easier runtime management.
  5. You may extend your project by adding new cluster without affecting existing running servers.
  6. You may put any SCADA server into maintenance without affecting the entire system.
  7. You may use dynamic IP for all clusters to connect to the cloud, which is the only with fixed IP.