Run-Time Engine

SCADA Engine & Project Editor
[~45 MB]

This essential installer for fully functional SCADA covering more than 80% of popular Ethernet drivers, is highly compressed and compact as compare to traditional SCADA, so that you can download and install/deploy in minutes without any hassle. All IGX installers and main executable files are digitally signed, and guaranteed free from virus, malware, adware or any malicious program. Be pleasantly surprised that you can see the DEMO running in your machine instantly!

Development Tool

Graphics Editor Inkscape 0.91 SAGE 4.16
[~45 MB]

Inkscape SAGE is claimed to be “the most powerful SCADA Animation Graphic Editor ever”, because it was originally created for graphic designer, you can’t find anything else that can create impressive SCADA/HMI mimic graphics. It’s simply a “very nice adaption of Inkscape for SCADA usage”, as openly commented by our user in sourceforge. Furthermore, you may drag & drop symbol library and clicking through the animation configuration, no complicated scripting needed for HTML5!

Additional Downloads

Kiosk-it Thick Client

Version 1.0.1229
[~20 MB]

IGX Web SCADA mimic screen is deployed using standard browser as thin client by default. When you need to set any workstation dedicated for SCADA purpose, Kioskit Thick Client will be very handy to lock the system keys from being abused.

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