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Buying Ecava IGX SCADA is easy. You just need to choose the driver with required I/O count. The I/O count is conveniently arrange in huge range of binary numbers to ensure you can certainly find the I/O size that suit your need. This basic module is equipped with SCADA functionalities like alarm, historian trending, logic scripting and local web viewing.

Remote thin client access can be purchased separately for browser or phone viewing. You may buy other add-in modules for more functionalities. Some of the popular modules are Report, Redundancy, Secure HTTPS and Service Mode.

Once the desired items are added into your shopping cart, you may Checkout to ensure the quotation is in correct order. And then choose to pay online instantly or via bank transfer. You can even share the shopping cart link to your purchasing personnel so no miscommunication is possible.

After payment is cleared, you will receive an email with software keys for each of the selected items. You may then copy and paste into License Manager to activate your license online or for other offline machine.

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