Uninstall SCADA in Windows 10

Ecava IGX SCADA is committed to support all Windows versions that is currently supported by Microsoft, including Windows 10. When we say support doesn’t just mean running well and installing smoothly, but also mean uninstall without hassle, Windows 10 has launched its successor for old “Programs and Features” with brand new ‘Apps & features”. And you may find that the uninstall button for IGX may appear to be disabled in ‘Apps & features’.

Apparently all you need to do is got to Windows Start menu then right click on Ecava IGX to call out the good old “Programs and Features”, you can then proceed to uninstall as usual.

Since Ecaca follows Microsoft policy on discontinued Windows version, this also mean Ecava IGX version 6 and above no longer support Windows XP. In any case that you need to use Windows XP, do fallback to previous version 5 instead.

Note that you don’t have to uninstall for version upgrade, but only when you need to downgrade to previous version. Otherwise we trust that the reasons for you to uninstall are for migrating to another machine. In any case that you find IGX doesn’t fit in your application now, do share with us and write to support. We shall work hard to meet your requirement, so that you can reinstall and enjoy the benefits of Ecava IGX like many others soon.