9.7. Rotate Animation

Similar to bar and opacity animation, rotate animation is an animation that allow user to rotate an object according to the percentage of maximum and minimum, with respect to the value of the tag attached, in a form of 360º degree.

Rotate Animation

The axis of rotation is always default to the center of an object or a group of objects. To change the center of rotation, the crosshair can be moved to the desired position for this purpose. Below is a stroke with an arrow end for this illustration.

When object is first selected (first click).
On second click, object is ready for rotation, note the crosshair (+ sign) in the middle, drag it to the desired position as the axis of rotation. It can be dragged out of object if necessary.


An object is drawed as shown, and rotate animation is configured with min 0 and max 10. When the tag value is 0, it will remain unchange.

When tag value is 3, the object will rotate in an angle of 3/10 x 360, that is 108º degree.

[Tip] Tip

Anti-clockwise rotation can be done by setting the minimum bigger than maximum.