1.1. Version 5.1

New Features


Added HTTPS support to allow running web server with secured HTTPS connection. User needs to configure project to enable HTTPS support, and supply SSL certificate for the web site.

Please refer to HTTPS for details.

New Front-end Theme

Added responsive front end theme to allow web client runs seamlessly in different types of devices. User needs to configure project to enable new responsive theme support.

Please refer to Theme for details.

Web Socket

Added web socket support to allow faster communication between web server and modern browser that support web socket. When using older browser that does not support web socket, front-end will fallback to use other method to communicate with web server. User needs to configure project to enable web socket support.

Online License Activation

Added online license activation to allow user purchase modules from our online stores, and activate his project online. The machine with the project running must be connected to internet in order to perform the activation.

Please refer to License Management for details.

Editor Subscription

Added editor subscription.

Internet Gateway

Added a new Internet Gateway module. With this module, IntegraXor can help user to automatically configure his project for external access without the user having a static IP address.

Please refer to Internet Gateway for details.

Live Chat , Ask Support

Added Live Chat support to demo and new project created with this version. We also added Ask Support option to editor. Both new features allow user to reach us easier.

Service Mode

Added service mode to allow a project to run at the background without user logon to a machine. A project running in service also eliminates the UAC prompt from Windows.

Please refer to Service Mode for details.


Added BACnet driver.

Dynamic Help

Added denamic help window. Project editor will track which setting you are configuring and show you the relevent user guide page. You just need to open the Dynamic Help window to show the help content.

Enhancement and Fixes

Build 902
  • Improved password encryption compatibility with Windows 10.

Build 828
  • Upgrade Product Certificate to remove false alert of Windows SmartScreen filter warning on downloaded IntegraXor installer.

  • Prevent invalid character in tag name issue which cause problem when opening page when tag name is used as page name.

  • Allow menu item text wrapping in responsive theme.

  • Improved stored sql (runSql) function for non-responsive (old) theme.

  • Improved output speed when rendering report page.

Build 818
  • Fixed issue where editor subscriber is unable to activate editor subscription.

  • Fixed a severe vulnerability that could allow attacker to take control of the victim's computer.

  • Fixed unexpected alarm task restart when tag value is null.

  • Fixed unexpected web server stop when parsing invalid HTTP header.

  • Fixed unexpected stop in OMRON FINS driver when parsing invalid tag address.

  • Fixed start/end time issue when opening a statement report.

  • Support virtual network adapters in Internet Gateway.

  • Fixed SQL injection vulnerability in web server.

  • Fixed issue where interpolated values are shown on step type trending when using bookmark/anchor.

  • Fixed setSQL() from v8 script with non-English character does not insert correctly into database.

  • Fixed alarm filter function in front end on new theme.

  • Updated Check for Update URL link.

Build 803
  • Fixed possible buffer overrun when creating event log.

Build 728
  • Fixed tag input expression cannot handle expression correctly in Spanish OS region and language formats.

  • Updated default OPC DA client name and group name.

  • Fixed empty CSV file issue when exporting snapshot reports.

  • Updated shortcut names on Start menu to make the product easier to search from Start menu.

  • Speed up configuration file opening by disabling a redundant process.

  • Fixed script issue where system is unable to register certain tags for fast access under certain configuration.

  • Fixed script crash issue if script contains invalid number.

Build 720
  • Stability improvement.

  • Fixed invalid character issue when setting non-English characters to tag manager from non-ActiveX scripts.

  • Fixed IEC 104 failed to decode SQ=0 addressing sequence.

Build 712
  • Fixed email address validation issue.

  • Fixed missing address column for DNP3 driver tag configuration.

Build 701
  • Fixed script timeout issue.

  • Removed app.currentTime column when output report in CSV.

Build 617
  • Updated IntegraXor server application name to IntegraXor SCADA Server.

  • Removed dependency on MSJET library and switch to use ACE library, to improve stability when handling MSAccess related objects.

  • Fixed Omron FINS driver where it failed to read two consecutive boolean tags.

  • Fixed Omron FINS driver where it failed to read 0 values.

  • Added energy, utilities and building automation AVG to demo project.

  • Reduced fetching configuration and setting within web server during runtime.

  • Fixed memory allocation issue in IntegraXor server and editor.

  • Fixed output SMS status message wrongly labelled as warning message.

  • Faster trend loading and update on large dataset.

  • Improved ProfiNET driver startup speed.

  • Fixed tag missing issue for tag set from script.

  • Fixed OnChange alarm false trigger when alarm task starts.

  • Fixed incorrect import/export dependency in editor.

  • Added app.alarm[audit_group.audit_name].status application tag.

  • Fixed duplicated alarm issue when project starts.

  • Fixed incorrect app.task[].status system tags.

  • Fixed issue where Redundancy fails to sync virtual tag with expression.

  • Fixed noDownload mode does not work when first page is in submenu.

  • Fixed Alt+Right key cannot work properly in Poland language environment.

  • Added support for user defined color in trend line/pen.