7.11. General Options

If you take a look at the contents of index.html file, you will notice a Javascript object defined in it called opt. This is just a short form for the word option. In the older index.html, you will see quite a few name-value pairs inside the opt object. In the newer index.html file, that opt is now broken down further into opt['alarm'] and opt['general'].

opt['alarm'] is defined in index.html for setting the 2-row alarm footer that you can see on the browser whereas opt['general'] is as the name says, for general settings. The opt contents that are of interest here is of course the opt['general']. If you want to learn more on opt['alarm'], please head to Alarm section.

There are a total of 7 settings currently available in general options. Table below lists what are the 7 settings available in general options and describes what the setting is for and how to set it.


noDownload is a boolean value. By default the value is false. When the value is set to true, it will disable IntegraXor page preloading on the browser.

This means the browser will only load the page that is currently in view. When a user changes to another page, then that page will be loaded by the browser and the previous page will be unloaded. You can see this behaviour when browsing the IntegraXor using mobile devices even when noDownload is not set.


side_panel is a JSON object with multiple options within it to configure the side panel including how to activate the feature. Navigate to Side Panel Menu for more information on the options available for side panel menu.


force_login is a boolean value. By default, the value is false. When set to true, Guest account will be disabled and any user who wishes to view IntegraXor will have to log in before being able to do so.


screen_before_login is a string value. The string should spell out the file name of the page that you want the user to view by default when not logged in.

For example, in the default project folder, if you want the user to view the Trending page, you should key in the value as shown below.

"screen_before_login": "plot.html"

[Important] Important

Please do not forget to include the file extension (.htm, .html, .svg) at the end of the file name!


Similar to screen_before_login, screen_after_login is also a string value. The string value should spell out the file name of the page that you want the user to view by default right after a user logs in.


Footer is the alarm snippet that you see at the bottom of each page aside from the alarm page itself.no_footer_page is an array of strings. The value for each string in the array is the file name of the page where you don't want the footer to be displayed.

For example, based on the default IntegraXor project, if you don't want the footer to be displayed on the Overview page and Snapshot Report, below is the way to set it;

"no_footer_page": ["overview.svg", "report-snap.htm"]


Header is the top part of IntegraXor where the project logo, project name, navigational tabs and user login button are located. As with no_footer_page, no_header_page is an array of strings and the string value is the file name of the page where you don't want the header to be displayed.