5.3.4. I/O Driver

I/O driver tag is tag that associate with external device data address.

The tag values are coming from an external I/O device. This device can be a programmable logic controller (PLC), a database server, a virtual device, or anything that can stores and provides access to the values stored within itself.

To create a new I/O driver tag, select the device and create an entry.

The data type must be specified as per requirement. There are several types of accuracies for both integer and floating points in various vendor implementations: int8, int16, int32 are all integers. Engineer must ensure what's the integer length of the type of PLC that is being used, most common integer is int16. Same goes for floating point in industry devices, real32 is the most common floating point as compare to real64.

I/O driver configuration is layout based on how IntegraXor accesses tags.

  • IntegraXor sits on a computer with various comunication ports.

  • Each communication port connects to one or more devices.

  • Each device contains one or more tags.