Thin Client vs Thick Client for SCADA

IGX SCADA was designed for thin client architecture from the ground up, to be exact, it’s a Browser Server architecture that open to run with any standard web content natively. As a comparison, most traditional SCADAs was created as a thick client, or even without supporting any remote client by default. Usually these thick content is heavy and have difficulty to transmit through when you have network latency issue.

Unlike these traditional SCADAs that developed plugin, download, extension or any kind of thick client as a workaround to publish the proprietary content, IGX developed additional thick client for different purpose altogether. The sole reason is to protect the mimic workstation from being abused for any other purpose when designated workstation is needed.

Since the reason of existence is very different, to help you with better understanding, below is a comparison table for thin client vs thick client for IGX SCADA.

Description Thin Client Thick Client
Protection No protection once sign in to Windows, anyone can exit the mimic that running within standard browser, even on full screen or so-called kiosk-mode. Keyboard are locked from exiting or closing the SCADA mimic, even pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+F4 will require SCADA’s user credential.
Deployment No installation needed – just use any modern browser Installation of Kiosk-kit program must be performed even on the server itself
Licensing Any remote IP that different from server IP that installed with IGX need to be licensed. Any workstation remote or local IP even on the server that installed with IGX need to be licensed.
Web Content W3C Standard compliant content for most modern browsers. W3C Standard compliant content. No proprietary content is needed nor allowed.
Platform/ O.S. Any platform or device that supports standard browser. Only on Windows operating systems.
Full screen Not always full screen, but depends on platform, configuration, and end user’s interaction. Always full screen, F11 function key is disabled.
Plugin No any kind of proprietary plugin, extension, download, ActiveX, Java, Silverlight, Flash or whatsoever needed. Just pure web browser. Similarly no other tweaking needed, just the Kiosk-it itself.

Download Kiosk-it to give it a trial, all you need to do is copy your project URL and paste into Kiosk-it. It’s that simple.

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