IntegraXor SCADA Money Back Guarantee

If the IntegraXor product that you have purchased did not meet your expectations, we will honor the IntegraXor Money-back Guarantee and refund your money. The guarantee and its terms and conditions are clearly detailed here and you are welcomed to contact us should you have any specific queries with regards to this.

  • Customer is allowed to request for refund after 100 days and within 1 year of purchase starting year 2013.
  • We will refund 100% of what we received, all cost incurred during purchase and refunding process on bank transactions, credit card surcharge, courier charge if any shall be deducted from the money received.
  • This refund program is applicable for all direct non-promotion purchase from Ecava, but might not be applicable for your local distributor/agent who will give you immediate local support or additional discount.
  • Money back guarantee shall be stated in your quotation/invoice, or otherwise it may not be applicable. Money back guarantee is not applicable for other promotion program like special discount, bundling offer, pre-sales, launching and other promotions.
  • Ecava will process the refund within 3 local business days but accepts no responsibility for any delays that may occur in receiving the refund as a result of any third-party payment gateway.
  • You must prove that you or the company was the payee by submitting the newly generated *.ilr file on the same machine.
  • Terms & conditions apply.