IntegraXor 3.70.4173 dated 15 Sep 2011 Release Candidate Change Log

Further from previous RC preview, now we are showing another exciting feature for user exploration: Network Redundancy. This feature added network/communication reliability without needing any additional programming work. All user needs to do is to configure the alternative communication path/link, and IntegraXor will take care of the rest, especially on tags handling.

The network configuration can be done for dual physical device redundancy.

Cost effective configuration also can be achieved on multiple ports device.

Our innovative SCADA designers have again come out with a simple yet friendly approach in configuration. The concept is truly designed based on the array of devices. So the naming is also based on the simbolic character in programming that indicating array namespace, square bracket: []. The best thing is there’s nothing added to clutter the existing user interface, and hence will not confuse new user but it’s always there and can be called out when it’s being invoked. Grab a copy of RC 3.70.4173 and check it out! All you need to do is to give an array of device a same name with array number like this: MyPLC[1] & MyPLC[2].

On the other hand, we have an announcement that we were forced to shorten the demo period from 2 days to 2 hours due to piracy problem that complaint by our distributors. We may implement this anytime soon in the next official release. However, you may request for longer runtime period from [email protected] if you need longer testing period.