IntegraXor 3.70.4140 dated 18 Aug 2011 Release Candidate Change Log

As our customer base grows and project scale getting larger and larger, we have been extremely busy in improving the performance issues in all aspect, especially in database performance. And the reason why we haven’t published any standard release is because our development team is coping with customers’ demand so keep issuing out beta with new features/fixes before the Release Candidate is settling down. So in order to ensure the beta user can enjoy the new hidden features before the RC matured to Standard Release, we are listing down two new features for user exploration.

PE is now support Auto complete for combo box fields in any tag entry, so user no longer need to struggle to search through the whole list of tag listing.

Another cool feature is that the long waited Logical Expression can now be used in front-end tag field. And it’s not a proprietary logical operation that imposed with limitation but it’s a full fledged Java Script language, so go ahead and grab a copy of RC and start to be expressive!