How to setup network for accessing SCADA via Internet?
Note: This article is meant for IGX system that didn’t use Internet Gateway module. Internet Gateway will completely remove all described cumbersome steps. Write to technical support to learn how!

IntegraXor web server was designed to be accessible via Internet despite it was used in Intranet basis or simply desktop application in most cases. This article will walk you through the step by step guide on how to setup the broadband network for operator to access the SCADA remotely without having the needs of fixed IP, just like how our LIVE DEMO page being done.

There are two essential works need to be done before being able to access to the IntegraXor web server, they are port forwarding configuration; and host name registration.

Port Forwarding

IntegraXor uses a distinctive port number which is 7131 in avoiding clashing with any other application. Normally, routers blocked most of the network ports by default for security reason. Therefore user will need to configure the router, to redirect all the connections from a specific port to the PC with IntegraXor Server. This step is call port forwarding. Below are the steps of port forwarding for a router.

  1. First of all, to change the router configuration, open a web browser and enter the standard IP address in the address bar. This is usually or If you are not sure about this, you can open a command prompt and enter ipconfig and look for Default Gateway.

  2. Router program shall prompt a security window, enter username and password to login. Refer to router’s user guide for default UID and PWD if the default setting is being used especially when the router is new.
  3. Look for menu or link to port forwarding (some routers called it virtual server). This may vary, depending on type of router you use. If you couldn’t find the port forward or virtual server in your router, check out This website compiles screenshots of common routers in market.
  4. Then enter the IP address of the IntegraXor server in LAN and port 7131 into the respective columns. Below is a sample screen shot on a Buffalo brand router.

  5. Depending on your routher, ensure you press the ‘save’ or ‘add’ button to save the port forwarding configuration.
  6. As an additional step, below are some hints on confirming if the port forwarding has done correctly. Use
    to check if the port has been forwarded. This tool will help you to check whether the port is forwarded to the local server PC.

    • Enter the port 7131 in the port box and then click ‘check’ button. A message will be shown on below to tell you the test result.

    • If this message shows, obviously it means your port 7131 is not forwarded. You need go back to your router and check the port configuration.
    • Otherwise, voila! Port is forwarded!

Note: You may not be able to access the server locally using WAN IP. In another word, you may not be able to use any of the PC connecting to the same router. You might need some help from your external colleagues or friends who are using separate ISP link to test it out for you. So it’s best to have two ISP links while setting up port forwarding.

Host name registration

This registration is optional but most of the time required, as the purpose is to replace the IP address with a easy to remember and constant URL for operator or end users. In this section, we will be using No-IP as our example. Below is the steps on creating a free host name using

    1. Download the No-IP client and install it into the same PC where IntegraXor is installed.
    2. Register an account with Once registered, the activation mail will be sent to the registered email and ask for activation.
    3. Once the account is activated, key in the email and password to log into the No-IP account.

    1. Click the Hosts/Redirects link to host name configuration.
    2. Enter your desired host name in the host name box. Then click the “Create Host” button at the bottom to complete the host name creation.
    3. Run No-IP client on the server PC to link with the host name which created in the previous step. This client will automatically update your IP address to No-IP server, thus redirect the internet users to your IntegraXor server. You may want to keep this client running in case of disconnection, and put it into auto start up upon Windows restart.

You may try to access using this host name at this stage. Just replace the IP address with the host name. For example, , should be replaced with by now. As mentioned above, you may need to use another internet connection to access.

Note: This article is meant for IGX system that didn’t opt for Internet Gateway module. Internet Gateway will completely remove all described cumbersome steps. Grab a free download of latest version to learn how!